Pay As You Go APU

We are happy to announce our pay-per-use program for the Dynasys APU. With this program you get all of the benefits of an Auxiliary Power Unit (fuel savings, less wear on your engine, abiding by anti-idling laws) without the large up front investment of owning the APU yourself.

For this program, you only pay for the amount of time you use the APU. Wave Engine Solutions, as the owner of the APU, is responsible all other costs (initial purchase price, installation, and maintenance).

  • Pay-Per-Use rate is tiered based on the number of hours you use per month

    • Hours 0 - 125, billed at $2.40 per hour​ (minimum of 100 hours per month)

    • Hours 125 - 150, billed at $1.80 per hour

    • Hours 150+, billed at $1.20 per hour

  • No extra costs (maintenance/repair and installation are covered by Wave Engine Solutions)*

  • No long term obligation. If you no longer want the APU let us know and we will pay to have it removed

Benefits For You

  • Immediate Return on Investment (fuel savings from not idling your truck engine should be more than the Pay-Per-Use rate.)

  • Reduce wear and tear on truck engine due to reduced idling

  • Flexibility - If you no longer see a benefit of the APU, return it with back to us

If you would like any additional details on this program, please contact us.

* We will not be responsible for damage due to an accident or abuse

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